Applications: Space Heating & Hot Water

Calorex has more experience of air source heat pump manufacturing in the UK than any other company and the Calorex range has world class performance characteristics designed into their functionality. This brand new range of domestic air source heat pump has been developed with the benefit of more than 35 years manufacturing experience and a continuous product development programme which has produced more than 250,000 air source heat pumps that are now in use all over the world.

  • Energy Saving – All our products will provide energy efficient solutions and produce considerably less CO2 than alternative fossil fuel systems
  • Problem solving – our products are designed to economically solve problems, even as retrofits
  • Free Project appraisals – including site visits (check with your local representative)
  • free sizing advice and product selection
  • commissioning and maintenance contracts
  • Nationwide service network (check with your local representative)
  • Heat pumps can be utilised to provide
  • Hot water for space heating through radiators, under floor or fan coil systems
  • Hot water for primary usage, e.g. bathing, dish washing etc
  • Space cooling with heat recovery to a hot water system
  • Key features at a glance
  •  Capacities from 43kW to 140kW
  • Will provide hot water up to 65ºc
  • Can operate in air temperatures from -15ºC to 50ºC
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Zero ozone depleting R134a refrigerant – ensures reliable, efficient operation regardless of air temperature.
  • Soft start option available
  • Scroll compressors
  • Comprehensive circuit protection
  • Designed and manufactured in the EU to CE & ISO 9001 standards
  • Up flow fans/top discharge
  • Digital close control thermostat
  • WRAS approved heat exchangers for direct use with potable hot water


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