jemiRock mineral wool is made mainly from volcanic rock, typically basalt and/or dolomite. An increasing proportion is now recycled material from slag, a waste product from blast furnaces. The materials are melted and then spun into fine fibres. A resin is used to bind the fibres together to form a mat of insulation.


  • Short fibre- compressive strength.
  • Non-combustible suitable for temperatures up to 850º C
  • Denser than glass mineral wool.
  • Available in the form of slabs, rolls mattresses and pipe sections.
  • High compressive strength.


  • Thermal insulation of flat roofs and external wall insulation.
  • Fire protection, including smoke and fire barriers.
  • High temperature applications.
  • Sound insulation for floors and walls.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation of pipe work in heating and ventilation, air-conditioning and industrial applications.


  • Blanket Insulation
  • Board / Slab Insulation
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