Applications: Non-ducted swimming pool heating and cooling

Winter Heating

During winter, swimming pools continually evaporate water and radiate heat. The combination of these factors causes heat loss which must be replaced through a heater if comfortable water temperatures are to be maintained.

Summer Cooling

During summer, swimming pools are subjected to massive solar gain. Coupled with high ambient humidities which prevent pools from cooling through evaporation, swimming pool water will become uncomfortably hot unless dynamically cooled.

Why heat pumps?

Heat pumps are widely accepted as the most economic and effective method of heating and cooling your swimming pool.

Unlike electric flow heaters and boilers that can only provide pool heating. Calorex heat cool pumps will automatically either heat or cool your pool without the need for additional equipment.

As an added bonus, a Calorex heat cool pump will produce up to five times the energy  it consumes, dramatically reducing the energy consumption of your swimming pool.

Why Calorex?

Calorex were the first to develop heat cool units for swimming pools and in doing so set the standard for proven performance and reliability. We have thousands of units in operation throughout the Gulf states, the oldest installed in 1981.

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