heatecThey are designed to heat gas or oil circulating through them. They are gas fired heaters.

These heaters are used mostly to heat gas and liquids, such as crude oil, on offshore platforms, at refineries and at gas suppliers.

Heating gas before its pressure is reduced keeps ice crystals and hydrates from forming in lines when the pressure is reduced.

Heating crude oil reduces its viscosity so it can be easily pumped.

This illustration shows components inside the AQUATEC™ heater. Its burner fires directly into a U-tube inside the heater shell. The shell also contains serpentine tubes and is filled with water that surrounds both the serpentine tubes and U-tube. The water transfers heat from the U-tube to the serpentine tubes, heating them indirectly without exposure to high temperature gases.

Another version of our water bath heater for heating natural gas. It has a natural draft burner.

More details please visit http://www.heatec.com/

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