IMGtwin-wall-flue-bofill-410-tee-and-elbow102-inicio0205-inicio0505-product05STAINLESS STEEL CHIMNEYSTwin-Wall-flue-90-Degree-Tee04-inicio0406-inicio06



Bofill manufacturer’s stainless steel chimney made in SS316 or SS304 or Black steel with 25, 50, 80 or 100mm thick mineral wool insulation and clad with SS04 or aluminized coated steel. Sizes ranges from 80 mm to 700mm.

Bofill can design the entire chimney upon receipt of chimney routes and boiler details.


Manufacturers for stainless steel chimney & grease ducts design and fabricate chimneys as per UL Standards.

Double wall insulated & Non-insulated models available for a wide range of venting applications.

• Boiler Stacks • Grease Ducts • Commercial Cooking Appliances • Relining of Deteriorated Stacks • Engine Turbine Exhaust • Marine Exhaust

Special Features of SCHEBLER chimneys .

• UL Listed 1000°F and 1400°F chimney • Available in sizes 6” to 48” • Fully seam welded inner and outer shells for pressure-tight seams • Easy banded assembly and installation • Non-Standard parts constructed to your specifications • 10-year warranty

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