The Precision Model HWS (Hot Water Storage) Heaters are Commercial Volume Storage Water Heaters designed for industrial, commercial and institutional users who require quantities of service water and preset temperatures.

When the job calls for lots of hot water – when it is called for quickly – when a continuous supply that will not quit at a crucial moment is needed – when downtime or failure will cause you a problem – it is time to think Precision.

We offer a wide range of storage and recovery capacities to meet you job requirements.

For over 50 years, Precision has been supplying hot water to apartments, dormitories, nursing homes, hospitals, motels, schools, universities, restaurants, health care facilities, office buildings, and various kinds of industrial and commercial applications.

These complete Factory-packaged Electric Storage Water Heaters are available in both VERTICAL and HORIZONTAL configurations, and are ASME constructed and National Board Registered for design pressures of your choice of 125 psi or 150 psi. They are constructed under ASME Code Section IV and stamped HLW. Storage capacities are from 125 gallons to 5500 gallons, and recoveries from 62 to 1968 gallons per hour are cataloged with larger sizes available at request to the Factory. Input capacities from 10 kW to 480 kW are cataloged using PRECISION Incoloy-sheathed individually flanged elements in 10, 15, 18 and 20 kW ratings.

Key Advantages

High volume hot water capability.
Optional features and trim available to meet any custom design criteria.
Two protective tank lining options (Precision Seal & Cement, NSF-61 Compliant)
Exceptional efficiency ratings
Capacities from 125 to 5500 gallons
Dual firing option (steam or hot water coil and electric)
All electrical components are UL listed or recognized.
Individual flanged incoloy-sheathed elements (75 wsi)

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