The Precision Model “FPH” Vertical Fire Tube Hot Water Boiler features the traditional Fire Tube design in the vertical configuration with an under-fired power burner. In addition to the simplicity of the 4-piece design, the Model “FPH” includes many advantages over other vertical configured boilers such as a larger water volume which results in both a low pressure drop thru the unit and reduced cycling, thus improving overall efficiency. The Model “FPH” also features standard “off-the-shelf” burners and the proven Fire Tube reliability.

Key Advantages

  • Traditional, proven Fire Tube design
  • Larger water volume
  • Lower pressure drop through the unit
  • Reduced cycling
  • 84% Efficiency
  • Turbulators for maximum heat transfer
  • High efficiency UL Listed Power Flame gas, light oil, or combination burners / Low Nox available with or without FGR
  • Heavy duty / 16 gauge cabinet and flanged steel base provide greater structural strength.
  • UL listing of complete assemblies


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